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Top 5 Tips to Effectively Distribute Your Business Content on Social Media

Social media is an unbelievably powerful marketing tool for your business. With its ability to provide you with instant feedback, as well as a platform to communicate with all of your consumers at once, it’s important to make sure you’re using it effectively.

This is why we’ve created a quick-fire top 5 list of the most important tips to ensure you’re getting the best out of your social media following by distributing your content successfully.

Here at Narce Media we’re always here to help. 


5. Plan your posts

Firstly, like everything, you have to plan, and although none of us like doing it, it’s essential if you want to effectively promote your business content on social media. Creating an organised calendar can allow you to schedule what, when, and where you’re going to post your content online. This can take away all the stress of trying to work out what to post on the day, having more time to ensure that the quality of your posts are up to scratch and receive the best possible response. 

Posting once a day is a good starting point. Planning in advance allows you to be innovative, but familiar with your content. 

You can also schedule your posts using scheduling software such as Hootsuite to ensure that your posts automatically go out on your desired social media platforms at the right times. We talk more about this in our blog post The Best Free Marketing Tools On the Internet

4. Understand your audience and choose your platforms 

Understanding your audience on social media is important. In fact that’s an understatement. It’s essential! You need to use the social media platforms that are best tailored to your consumers to achieve the best results and gain the longest reach for your digital first content. 

  • Facebook is the most widely used platform, and is a crucial tool to communicate with the masses. 
  • Instagram is a must-have platform seeing an 80% increase in users spending time watching video on the platform since June 2017. (Instagram)
  • LinkedIn is your most professional tool, and potentially your most important, highly regarded business friend. 
  • Twitter, although a little toxic, is your go-to update centre. 
  • YouTube is a powerful asset to your team with 90% of brands posting videos on it per week. (Animoto)
  • With over 800 million active users worldwide, TikTok is a rising star and 61% of marketers plan to increase their investment in TikTok marketing  in 2022. (Hubspot)

If you want to maximise the response to your content, you will need to consider sharing it on multiple of the above platforms. If you want your tone to seem strictly professional, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are your best bets. If your audience is younger or modernised, a focus on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok might suit the content better. However, this doesn’t say you can’t branch out and use them all. You have to be open to following trends and the developing market.

As the above image shows, this increase in social media usage is not slowing down anytime soon. This is the future of digital marketing.


3. Engage with your audience

This one might seem obvious but it’s such an easy step to forget. It’s all well and good posting on your social media platforms, but monitoring likes, replying to comments and direct messages, and sharing posts, is just as important. 

Once you’ve posted your digital first content, with any luck you’ll receive some good reception. Interacting with your audience creates a personalised relationship with them, allowing them to express how they feel about your content, as well as helping them feel inclined to follow your content further in the future. Creating a connection with your audience is crucial to online growth, so make sure you not only interact with the responses to your posts, but also mutually interact with other people’s posts too.


2. Video is the answer 

According to a study by Wyzowl, 85% of people would like to see more video content from brands in 2022.

This is because words and images alone just aren’t as engaging as video. A video’s visual aesthetics and audio can effectively portray a concept or story in a more memorable and faster way than any other multimedia. This in turn can drive an audience to your social media pages.

Video also drives action. With the flexibility and power of video, you can guide your audience on their next steps and as a result are more likely to receive feedback and an overall positive result from your content. A thumbnail for a video is a lot more eye-catching than text and therefore will effectively grab the attention of viewers scrolling through their social media feed. As a good rule of thumb, your video should ultimately aim to make your audience cry or laugh, as well as provoke them to think about certain topics.

Does video give you a positive return on investment? – % who agreed

The unfaltering rise in positive ROI thanks to the use of video marketing in the image above speaks for itself. 

Overall, video is the key to higher engagement on social media, it’s rich in its story-telling, it drives action, it’s memorable, and it’s the future of video content.


1. Consistency is key

Now that you’ve posted your (video) content on your chosen social media platforms after rigorous planning, and have engaged with your audience, it’s time to do it all over again… and again. The most important tip that we can give you on how to effectively distribute your business content is a simple one – Be consistent!  

Your brand needs to be recognisable and this can be done by building a loyal following on social media. By consistency, we not only mean the frequency of your posts, but the consistency of your overall tone on social media. It’s important to convey your business’ values in your tone, while also creating the balance between recognisability and innovation. Be consistent, but don’t bombard your audience with endless posts about the same topic. 

You want to pleasantly surprise and entice your audience, not annoy or bore them to death.


There you have it! That was our quick rundown of the most important tips to effectively promote content on social media. Here at Narce Media, we not only create fantastic videos for businesses, but we also offer to help you distribute the video online. With our modern outlook and experience, as well as the tips above, we always ensure that your content is distributed effectively. If you’re interested, get in touch and we’ll make your video-related dreams come true.