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Narce Media is a video production agency based in the beating heart of Birmingham focusing on digital first content which packs a punch and gripping TV commercials which are guaranteed to get your mouth watering. Focusing on giving you maximum ROI with our distribution media planning to ensure your audience sees and engages with your video content.





  • Planning, probably the most important part. This is where we’ll get together, come up with ideas, shot lists and storyboards to give you a flavour of how your video will look. Then we’ll start booking locations and any talent required. We give you full transparency on the production process using a project management tool to ensure you see how your video is coming along at each stage and where each deadline is.


  • The exciting part. This is where we’ll film the shots mapped out in the planning stage. We send everyone a brief beforehand, so they know what to expect on filming days taking away any uncertainties. We use the latest range of Sony cinema cameras for the highest quality deliverable, and we don’t hire kit which works out cheaper for you. We also have an in-house studio, so no need to worry about any studio hires. We can also bulk shoot, so we’ll have you covered to maximise the footage and keep your channels from running dry.


  • This is where the magic happens, bringing the footage to life. This is where we take all the footage shot and turn it into the masterpiece planned out. Our team of editing wizards will craft the footage in line with the storyboard and once a workable draft is ready, we’ll send that to you for feedback. Every project receives three feedback rounds and you’re more than welcome to come and sit with us to get the final tweaks done.


  • A key mantra of ours is, ‘’it’s all well and good making a great video but what if nobody sees it?’’ This is why we’ll develop a campaign around the video project. It’s so imporant to create a video that stylistically speaks to your audience and one that reaches the target audience!  We can take this all away from you and implement it our side or we can inform you on the best places to distribute the video/videos, how to distribute and make sure you’ve got the right dimensions for each platform. This way we can maximise the amount of eyes on your project and deliver the best results.



What is digital first?

This simply put is everything online, from social media campaigns to website videos to online advertisements.
This may be a case study, a promotional advert, an event or an explainer. All types of videos which shout about your brand online.

Why is this important?

Easy, social video generates 1200% more shares than text and image content combined.

Why use us?

We’ve worked with hundreds of brands to develop digital first content which generates millions of views, check out some of our work to see for yourself.


What is a commercial?

Pretty straight forward, these are your video campaigns placed on traditional TV channels.

Why make commercials?

Three reasons really, firstly the huge reach your video can have making it a household name, it boosts other media channels you use and delivers incredible ROI.

Why use us?

Not only do we have years of experience creating commercial video with the biggest and best brands, but we make it super easy and walk you through the strategies available and what would yield the best results. Check out some of our work to see for yourself.


What is an animation?

Kind of self-explanatory, these are moving images.

Why make an animation?

An animation is a perfect choice if you’re trying to explain a complex solution to a problem. Maybe your business provides a technological solution or is scientifically complicated to understand, an animation is perfect for breaking it down into an easy digestible piece of content.

Why use us? 

We love an animated video; in fact, we’ve produced our fair share of different animations in all kinds of different styles so you can be sure we’ve got you covered. Check out some of our animation video work to see for yourself.





Narce Media were very patient and receptive to our requests and amendments, and overall we were extremely pleased with the final outcome.

Nikhil Sonpal – Aston Villa Foundation

Over the past two years they have proven to be a reliable partner who delivers high quality videos – from concept, through filming, to the final edit. It is a pleasure to work with them.

Tristan Ripke – TEDx Aston Director

We are extremely pleased with the videos they produced and would not hesitate to recommend Narce Media.

Carol Fryer – Aston University