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How And Why The Perfect Music Track Can Take Your Video To The Next Level

Music is the universal language of humanity. With its potential to unify people, it has the capability of creating emotional responses that simply talking can not achieve. As a result, its use within video marketing is paramount, for a number of reasons. It can create a wide array of emotional responses from your audience, create rhythm to emphasise some moments or scenes, and emphasise the overall narrative and tone of a video. It doesn’t matter if the video is a commercial, brand video, or even a blockbuster film, music is what strings the visuals together to create an effective, emotive masterpiece. 

If you’re still not convinced about how important the right music can be to your video, here’s a quickfire list of why it is one of the most crucial elements of a good video.


    1. Music Captures Attention

    Music holds your audience’s attention to ensure that a larger number of your viewers watch the video for as long as possible, getting lost in the combination of stunning visuals and emotive music. Whether it’s sad or inspirational music, as long as it fits the tone of your video and works well with the visuals it can signal what emotions the viewers should be feeling by ensuring that they pay close attention to the narrative and overall feel of the video.

    2. Music Represents Your Brand

    Music speaks volumes about your brand, and should therefore coincide with the message portrayed in your video. Establish the purpose of your video and choose a track that emphasises that message, and is in tune with your brand personality, pun intended. Of course, each brand video will use different music depending on its purpose and target audience but finding the balance between distinguishable music and a continuous brand personality is important.

    3. Music Elicits Emotion

    Music establishes specific moods and emotions within its listeners. With the right music, you can make your viewers cry, or motivate them to make a change, such as potentially buying your product or service or at least taking an interest in your business. To optimise the potential emotions that could be resonated as a result of your video, the music has got to convey the gravity of a situation that your business is trying to resolve, or pump adrenaline and positive energy into your audience. Music in your videos is an opportunity to create a brand personality that is full of emotion, adopting meanings that are inherent in the music and creating a closer relationship with your viewers.

    4. Music is Memorable

    Following on from the point that music communicates your brand, the memorability of music is a big part of this. As you create a series of diversifying videos with different tunes to spice them up, you want the songs you choose or create to be associated with your brand or video. Having potential customers think of your brand when they hear a particular song goes a long way from a marketing point of view similar to business jingles. This is called audio branding. 

    How To Pick The Perfect Music Track

    So you’ve got some mouth-watering shots and edits, but you need to decide what music to use to capture the attention of your audience? Before you start randomly searching music databases like Artlist (a music database we wholeheartedly recommend), you have to know what sort of tune you’re looking for. Ask yourself these questions.

    1. What is the purpose of your video? – You need to pick a track that not only is an absolute banger, but one that reflects and complements your video’s message. For example, if the primary message of your video is a call to action, you’re going to want to have a motivational and positive track to encourage your viewers. 

    2. Who is your target audience? – Tailor your music to your desired audience too. Knowing your target demographic can help you adapt your music choice to their interests. 

    3. What is the tone of your video? – The music has to fit the mood of the video. For example, if your video is an action or sports video which focuses on high paced edits, a slow classical song is not going to fit the tone of the video at all. A high paced video is going to require a high paced banger to complement it. If the music does not fit the mood of the visuals, the overall message and credibility of the video will deteriorate. 

    4. What is your budget? – If you are working with a low budget you are definitely going to need to stick with royalty-free music so that buying the royalties of tracks isn’t needed. Free music databases exist, or cheap, extensive music providers such as Artlist are available. Depending on the size of your business, you may even want to create your own music. You are going to need high-quality music whatever you choose! Either way, you have to take your budget into account.

    Now you know why and how to pick the best music for your video to optimise its purpose and effectiveness in marketing. Let us know what you think!