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The Do's and Don'ts of Video Marketing

We see now more than ever that video is dominating the social space and everyone is fighting for your attention.

When making content either yourself or through an agency, you need to stand out and there are a number of ways to do this, such as using sound design and taking video length and dimensions into account. ?

Here is our “The Do’s and the Don’ts” series, where we can guarantee you’ll learn plenty of tips and tricks to win with video. ?

1. Sound design is important – USE IT!

Sound design is a key element that will either make you turn off or make you turn on. Take a look at the example below from one of our own, Joe Housley, to see the huge difference that sound design makes.

If you’re not using sound design, then you need to, and if you’re working with an agency who isn’t, then maybe it’s time to tell them to or to look elsewhere.

2. It’s all about length

You must have heard the old saying “it’s not all about length”… right? Wrong. It’s all about length. ?? At least when it comes to video.

Cut the waffle, get to the point and make your video an appropriate length to ensure that your viewers stay engaged and actually bother watching the whole video.

3. Corporate jingles are sh*t.

Corporate jingles are sh*t. Don’t use them. Ever. ??‍♂️ 

It’ll make your video sound boring and generic and cause people to switch off. Instead, edit your video to the sound track to make it more engaging and in sync with the visuals.

4. Stop trying too hard.

Marketing is like making love to a beautiful woman… apparently? ?

Stop trying too hard – instead, take an interest in your customers and figure out what they want from you.

5. Stop using jargon.

“Jargon makes us sound knowledgable” No it doesn’t. It alienates some, confuses others and makes the rest turn off. ?

Keep it as simple as possible and stop using jargon.

6. ALWAYS use subtitles.

Caption that sh*t up. The people watching your videos might be in public and they might prefer to watch it without sound.

Help them out and ALWAYS use subtitles for your videos.

7. Audio vs Visuals

Don’t neglect the audio for your videos – it’s much easier to focus on poor visuals with clear audio than the other way round. ?

So make sure your audio doesn’t sound like it’s been recorded on a potato. ?

8. Think about your dimensions

Think about your dimensions – no, not dimensions of space, but the dimensions of your videos.

Make sure you change the dimensions of your videos depending on which social media channel you’re using and use all the real estate on the screen. ➡️⬆️

There you have it – 8 tips and tricks to win with video from our “The Do’s and the Don’ts” series.

Not sure where to start with using video marketing for your business? No problem – drop us a message and we can help you out.