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In With Outsourcing: Why Your Business Needs a Dedicated Video Partner

It’s easy to make the mistake of trying to do everything for your business yourself. But sometimes, it just isn’t feasible – whether it’s because of a lack of experience, lack of knowledge or lack of equipment. In many instances, it’s better to outsource and use an outside supplier for some areas of your business. 

Video marketing is one of these areas – most companies know that they need to use it, but they don’t know where to start and they often don’t have any experience or knowledge about videography. 

Here are 5 reasons why you should outsource and get a dedicated video partner for your business.

1. They stay up to date with trends in the industry

Video marketing is an incredibly fast-paced industry where things are constantly changing, and it can be hard to keep up with them if it’s not your job to do so. 

As it’s a video marketing professional’s job to know all the industry trends and updates, you can ensure that the work that they produce for your company will always be ahead of the curve. They are also likely to have the latest equipment and software, which may be difficult for an in-house team as it results in constant added expenses for the business – and video equipment isn’t cheap!

2. They allow you to manage your time and resources better

A lot of time, money and resources can go into video marketing for your business if you decide to have an in-house production team. You’d have to invest in expensive equipment, hire staff and constantly train them, taking up valuable time and money that could be going into more important and core areas of your business.

Some people choose to hire one-off freelancers for specific projects, which may seem like a smart idea at the time. However, constantly finding new freelancers also takes up valuable time. This time would be managed much more efficiently if you just had one dedicated video partner for all of your businesses’ video marketing needs, especially as they’d be able to get a feel of your company and what it needs over time. This would also create a higher return on investment.

3. They produce better quality work 

Outsourcing allows you to work with experienced professionals who have been in the business for years and who know exactly what they’re doing, instead of an in-house production team that you would most likely have to train internally. As a result, you can be sure that they’ll produce incredibly high quality work, from the videoing to the editing. 

Dedicated video agencies also tend have crews that have a variety of specialised skill sets, such as Audio Engineers, Lighting Specialists and Motion Graphics Editors. This ensures that your video marketing is the best that it can be, because you have a professional working on each area.

4. They have fresh and different creative perspectives

As video agencies work with a variety of clients, they can provide fresh and diverse ideas for your businesses’ video marketing. In comparison, an in-house production team may find themselves repeatedly recycling the same ideas as they are working for the same company year after year and therefore lack an outsider’s perspective. An in-house team may do well with following trends, but it’s unlikely that they’ll be able to set trends in the way that video agencies do.

5. They can publish content more frequently and consistently

Video agencies are well versed in producing content efficiently and to tight deadlines. In contrast, you may have to juggle multiple tasks at the same time with an in-house production team, as they may have other projects to focus on. This undoubtedly makes the marketing process more inefficient.

As marketing is a fast-paced and ever-changing industry, there may be something topical that your business wants to create content about. If you outsource the job to a video agency, you could have content delivered within hours. In-house production teams also have less pressure to be efficient, as they are usually paid the same amount of money regardless of how much content they produce and how quickly they produce it.

There you have it – 5 reasons why you should outsource and have a dedicated video partner for your business. 

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