About Us

About us.

TV is dying. A new unstoppable wave is upon us. The overwhelming rise of digital media is here to stay, and with it comes a generation who spend significantly more time online which has undeniably changed the way we consume video. This radical shift gives you the immense opportunity to reach more people than ever before. Narce Media is a team who have been engrossed throughout the birth of the digital revolution, who deeply understand the value new media channels can bring and the ins and outs of producing successful video. We’re tired of the prehistoric way current B2B video is being produced and we’re here to change that.

Joseph Housley


I have always been fascinated by the power of video. I belong to a generation that has lived through a complete shift in how we as humans demand information. Want to learn a new skill? Watch a video. Want to find out about Ancient Egypt? Watch a video. I have extensive experience in start-up businesses and marketing, particularly in the B2B space. Video production is my passion and the satisfaction of dishing up powerful videos for your business is my fuel. Also, I enjoy boxing.

Coffee Count

Directing 90%
Editing 95%
Producing 93%
Idea Construction 92%
Branding 94%


Connor Watt


Before the days of Narce Media, as a fresh faced teen, I started making silly videos about my friends on the family computer on windows movie maker and uploading them onto Youtube. These were the days when Youtube was the breading ground for funny cat compilations and the odd fail montage. Throughout the last decade those videos I began making started to evolve into what they are now, but the fun still remains. Videos are powerful and I’m a huge believer in doing them the right way. Also, I enjoy football

Late Nights

Directing 93%
Editing 92%
Producing 93%
Idea Construction 94%
Branding 93%


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