Struggling to improve your website and generate leads through it? Fear not – this is a problem that many businesses come across. We’re here to provide you with 5 ways that  you can use video to guarantee that your website will generate more leads and consequently help your business generate more sales.


1. Optimise your SEO

An effective way to generate more leads on your website is by optimising your SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimisation and good SEO ensures that your website appears high up on the results found by a search engine, so that it can generate more visitors and leads.

You can optimise your SEO in a number of ways, one of which is including videos. The more video content you include on your website, the more traffic you can draw as Google algorithm’s are increasingly prioritising websites with video content. This will also make people want to stay on your website for longer as videos are generally more captivating and easy to consume than other types of content; in fact, people stay on websites with videos 60% longer than websites with just text and pictures. However, it’s important to ensure that the video content you include on your website is of high quality for Google to prioritise it.


2. Use a live chat function

Live chat functions can help customers to feel more connected and supported with a business, as it gives them the ability to speak to and have any questions answered by an employee in real time. It’s a good idea to incorporate the live chat function on the pages of your website that visitors spend the most time on (which you can check through analytics) – or better still, to incorporate the function onto every page of your website if possible.

 This is a very simple yet very effective tool that will help to generate leads for your website, and it’s been found that when responses are quick, live chats can improve overall customer satisfaction rates. It’s also a very low cost feature as employees can simply monitor the live chat from their phones or laptops.


3. Incorporate video testimonials from previous customers

Including testimonials from previous customers are a type of social proof that increases the reputation and trust in your business, and consequently makes it more likely for people to buy your products/ services. It’s like deciding on a purchase by looking at reviews on Amazon – you’re more likely to buy a product that has 40 reviews over the same product that has 5 reviews.

It’s especially beneficial to include video testimonials from previous customers as they have more of a personal touch to them, and it could help potential customers to see what the product or service looks like in real life. Video testimonials will also help to combat any scepticism that customers may have about the credibility of your product/ service or even about whether the customers themselves are real. 

A great example of this is American Express’s video testimonial. It’s short and snappy yet still manages to include testimonials from 5 customers from 5 different businesses, The customers talk about how their business has specifically benefitted from using American Express, and they talk about how it’s better than other card brands they’ve tried.

4. Use video backgrounds on your website

Using video backgrounds on your websites helps grab viewers’ attention and keep them more engaged than a still or plain background. It will also position your brand as dynamic, innovative and forward thinking, as this is a more modern feature that websites are starting to incorporate. Moreover, it will allow visitors to immediately see video content and get a feel of your brand without needing to go on a specific page or pressing play. 

However, if you are going to use a video background on your website, it needs to be done right. The video should be short in length (ideally 15 to 25 seconds), it should be compatible for different devices and it should not have any sound as viewers may be alarmed and put off by any loud, sudden sounds.

A great example of this is the luxury estate agent Vista Blue’s website for Singer Island. The background for the initial homepage features a stunning video of the beach and the sea on the island. https://www.vistabluesingerisland.com

5. Put a video on your homepage
Using a video on the homepage of your website is a great way to introduce yourself to the viewer and immediately give them a feel of your company and what it stands for. Having a video as the first thing that people see on your website is, as mentioned earlier, likely to keep them on your website for longer as people prefer to consume information through video than through text.

Videos that are specifically on your website homepage could also help with your website’s SEO, which will in turn help potential customers find your website more easily – a huge 88% of visitors prefer to stay on a website when there are videos on the homepage. 

There you have it – the 5 ways that video will help to improve your website and generate more leads. There are many more that we haven’t covered, but we hope that you find these ones useful for your business. 


Do you want to learn more about how to use video to improve your website and generate more leads? Get in touch with us and we can help you out!



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