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We understand the power of video and that’s why we pride ourselves on creating compelling, interesting, and emotionally engaging storytelling that can make your business come to life online.

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Your project, the most exciting part. Here you will find a breakdown of your project with the aims and objectives clearly laid out alongside how we’ll go about bringing the project to life, alongside additional tips for success.


This timeline will guide the project from start to finish with all the key milestones and actions. This will ensure everything is kept to schedule and make the process as smooth as possible.

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Here you will find the total investment required for the production. You will find a full comprehensive breakdown of the costings for each activity within the production process from start to finish.

This is who we are. 


TV is dying. A new unstoppable wave is upon us. The overwhelming rise of digital media is here to stay, and with it comes generations who spend significantly more time online. The digital revolution has undeniably changed the way we consume video forever. This radical shift presents an immense opportunity to reach more people than ever before. Narce Media are a team who have been engrossed throughout the birth of the digital revolution. We deeply understand the value new media channels can bring and the ins and outs of producing successful video. 

We understand the power of video and that’s why we pride ourselves on creating compelling, interesting, and emotionally engaging storytelling that can make your business come to life online.

We’re all about seeing real results.

A key mantra of ours is “What’s the point of having a great video if nobody sees it?”. We take this very seriously. Our team provides all the support you need to maximise your reach and ensure your videos give serious return on your investment.


Your Project.

Ultrapolymers are a leading polymer distributor. Ultrapolymers’ aim is to provide a high-quality service and expert technical consultation to develop long term relationships with its customers.

Aims and objectives:


– When considering video marketing, the core goal for Ultrapolymers is to increase sales and market share.


Secondary goals:

– Increase interest, awareness and engagment on Ultrapolymers social channels, with a focus on LinkedIn 

– Position personnel within Ultrapolymers as experts and thought authorities. 

    Who’s viewing?

    Persona 1

    New prospect customer

    Desired Actions

    • Understand the values of Ultrapolymers
    • Feel inspired to reach out to sales staff 
    • Engage in conversation on Linkedin 
    • Perceive Ultrapolymer and their staff as experts in their fields

    Persona 2

    Existing customers

    Desired Actions 

    • Understand the value of Ultrapolymers
    • Reduce risk of churn
    • Support up-sell opportunities
    • Perceive Ultrapolymer and their staff as experts in their fields

    Persona 3

     Key persons within end user businesses

    Desired Actions

    • Feel inspired to reach out to sales staff 
    • Engage in conversation on Linkedin 
    • Perceive Ultrapolymer and their staff as experts in their field 

    What’s the big idea?

    Videos proposed:

    • 2 x (30 minute) panel discussions 
    • 6 x (10-13 minute) sections of discussions 
    • 12 x (0.30 – 1.30 minute) socially optimised snippets 
    • 1 x social selling strategy session
    • LinkedIn scheduling/posting – 3 months
      (4 posts a week / 48 posts total)


    For this proof of concept we propose undertaking a quarterly campaign in which we will do one morning of filming for panel discussions. A panel will consist of 1 mediator and 3 members of the Ultrapolymers team, the panel will cover 3 hot industry topics within a 30 minute panel discussion.  We will film two panel discussions in total and edit a multitude of different content types designed to boost engagement and visibility of Ultrapolymer online. The content will then be distributed to LinkedIn and given the necessary support to help the create business development opportunities.

    2 x (30 minute) panel discussions

    • Full length panel discussion. To be hosted on youtube and business website

    6 x (10 – 13 minute) indivual sections of discussions – possible discussions could include:

    • Eco ABS and ABS made from recycled fridges.
    • PET – this is easily recycled and also we have material from recycled bottles.
    • Ravago – parent company are the biggest recycler of plastic in Europe
    • Biffa – We have a link to Biffa who process UK waste.
    • What is the benefit of choosing healthcare approved materials?
    • Design manufacture – Ultrapolymers process and support
    • Choosing the right material 
    • Ultrapolymers overview 
    • Steammoulding technolgy
    • Different types of elastomers and the individual benefits of each
    • UN 2030 agenda for sustainable development 

    12 x (0.30 – 1.30 minute) socially optimised snippets

    • Short, punchy soundbites from the discussions adapted for best perfomance when distributed through social media

    1 x (3 hour) social selling strategy session

    • A session will be held prior to the content being published. This will support the team to ensure once distributed they have the necessary knowledge on how to maximise the use of the content to leveage new business opportunities. 

    LinkedIn Scheduling/posting 

    • All content will be scheduled and posted to LinkedIn with copy written around each post. A social sheet will be provided with additional post body templates that the team can use when reposting content to their LinkedIn profiles. 

    Visual design.


    Up to 3 piece camera set up shall be used. Dependant on filming requirements we would use Canon Cinema camera’s (C200 / C100) or Sony (A7S range) for more cinematic styling. 


    Where appropriate we would integrate animation, graphics and ‘B-Roll’, supplementary footage to add to the story

    Audio design.

    Sound FX

    Sound FX shall be used where appropriate to draw the viewer deeper into the experience, Some FX could include: interactive sound design, risers, bass drops, appropriate ambient sound 

    Music Track

    Impactful music track which compliments the style of video will be chosen. Changing music tracks to compliment the mood if required – e.g. a more sombre sound track during a challenge being depicted and a more uplifting track during an achievement. 

    Social optimisation.

    Subtitles will be added to all social videos to ensure maximum engagement for those viewers who are watching without sound.

    We will ensure the video deliverables are given in multiple dimensions and are fit for purpose when distributing on each social media platform, for example: 9:16 ratio for Instagram TV/Stories & 4:5 version for Instagram posts and Facebook posts, 16:9 for LinkedIn. (see diagram)


    Stage 1 - Proposal


    Stage 2 - Proposal Review

    01/03/2020 – 06/03/2020


    Stage 3 - Sign Off


    Stage 4 - Filming Subjects

    17/03/2020 / 18/03/2020

    Stage 5 - Post Production

    18/03/2020 – 22/04/2020

    Stage 6 - Distribution

    22/04/2020 – 22/07/2020 


    Stage 7 - Project Complete


    Stage 8 - Celebration


    Your Investment.


    Where necessary, the Buyer shall pay for the Service Providers out of pocket expenses including; fuel @£0.45 per mile, congestion, parking fees, and subsistence (catering and accommodation)



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