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We understand the power of video and that’s why we pride ourselves on creating compelling, interesting, and emotionally engaging storytelling that can make your business come to life online.

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Who are we?

Every great video starts with an idea. 

TV is dying. A new unstoppable wave is upon us. The overwhelming rise of digital media is here to stay, and with it comes generations who spend significantly more time online. The digital revolution has undeniably changed the way we consume video forever. This radical shift presents an immense opportunity to reach more people than ever before. Narce Media are a team who have been engrossed throughout the birth of the digital revolution. We deeply understand the value new media channels can bring and the ins and outs of producing successful video. We are tired of the prehistoric way current B2B video is being produced and we’re here to change that.

We understand the power of video and that’s why we pride ourselves on creating compelling, interesting, and emotionally engaging storytelling that can make your business come to life online.

Beyond banking.

Santander Universities – Successful Entrepreneurs Case Studies

Aims and Objectives –

What are we trying to make the viewer do?

How do we want the viewer to feel?

ACTION – Act upon the call to action

FEELING – Inspired

Why do we want them to take that action?

And why do we want them to feel that way?

Different call to actions

retro camera

Who's viewing?

Persona 1 – Student – the videos will be released via the social media channels of universities and Santander. This will allow for a targeted approach to students. The students will see the journey of previous students and in turn spark them to follow their dream of starting a business through the help and support of Santander. Call to action to be to speak to a member of the university’s enterprise team.


  • Feel inspired to engage with Santander universities
  • Take the first steps to speak to their university about their business

Persona 2 – Santander internal person X – C level? Director level? How can this help? Further support for Santander Universities?


  • Advocacy for the Universities division within the bank. Give further support to the universities division – e.g Funding? Mentorship?

Persona 3 – Santander internal person Y – Management level? Potential mentorship?


  • Become a business mentor

How will we achieve this – its all in the planning!

  • Develop impactful question structure… eg.
  • Where do you think your entrepreneurial spark came from?
  • Why and how did you come up with the idea?
  • How has your business evolved? – time depending
  • How did you come across Santander Universites?
  • What impact has Santander Universities had on your business?
  • What support has been given?
  • Major challenges you faced and how you overcame them?
  • Where are you at now?
  • Where do you want to take the business? 1 year / 2 year / 5 years and beyond….

Free flow Questions – draw answers from people and go deeper

  • How did that make you feel…?
  • What made you take that action…?
  • What makes you say that…?
  • Why do you think you felt like that?
  • What’s the why that makes you cry?


  • Interview intersections with additional members / stakeholders of the business
  • This will add to the story
  • Break up the main narrative
  • Maintain engagement

Visual & Audio design.


  • 3 piece interview (Cyance)
  •  3rd, Paralaxing, Jon Stones – 2x crop shots available
  •  Shotlists – examples for businesses  e.g.
  • Wase – waste systems in action, winning of awards, some of the projects they have worked on 
  • Chip[s] Board – product shots of their materials, integrate their explainer
  • Copeland Gin – Shots of brewing equipment, drinks branding, production stages, products on shelves 
  • Bella moon – Product shots, Intersections from website video
  • Brightsign – demonstrations of device being used, detailed product shots, peoples reactions using the product


  • Sound FX – risers/drops/ambience
  • Impactful music tracks
  • Changing tracks to compliment the mood

Your videos.

1x – 3-4 min hero video (multiple entrepreneurs)

Up-to 8x – 1-2 min mini case studies (1x entrepreneur – social optimised)

Up-to 8x – 3-4 min full length case studies (1x entrepreneur – hero version)

Where are they going to be seen?

  • Social media channels – facebook, insta, twitter, linkedin
  • Hero video to be aired 3rd of October at the Santander Entrepreneurship Awards
  • Considerations of each channel
  • Requirements of each channel
  • Subtitles – 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound, while 60% of Instagram Stories are watched with the sound on.
  • Call to action altered per use case


Beyond Banking – this video concept focuses on the steps Santander have taken to go beyond being a bank and supporting entrepreneurs, grads, and education – ultimately innovation at a grass roots level. In short, there is a typical narrative that can be portrayed around ‘innovation’ in banking with the introductions of blockchain, utilising IoT, cloud, automation, quantum computing etc.. However, by Santander backing innovation at its core – the young individuals that will shape the future, this is a deeper level than simply taking on new technologies.

Suggested themes for video series:

  • Beyond banking…
  • Innovation at its core…
  • The core of innovation…
  • Shaping the future…
  • The story of…..
  • Understanding…
  • The journey of….
  • A tale of…
  • Future of…
  • Carving the path…
  • History in the making…





Sign off

From the review we will see what needs to change and what doesn’t. From there we can formally sign off this project


Styling update

During this period the Narce team will provide an update of how the project is coming along


Project completion

By this date the project will be complete


Proposal review

This is an opportunity for you to look through the proposal and offer any feedback.


Project Filming

during this timeframe we will need to organise the speakers and to collect the b-roll footage.


Feedback loop

Here we’ll gather feedback as we’re progressing through the project to make sure everything is going to plan.


Fine tuning

This is the time frame to finalise any amendments.


£ 800
  • 80 tokens
  • 6 months
  • Distribution support
  • Quarterly vision session
  • Narce studios access
  • Youtube management


£ 825
  • 200 tokens
  • 12 months
  • Distribution support
  • Quarterly vision session
  • Narce studios access
  • Youtube management

Level UP

£ 1250
  • 350 tokens
  • 12 months
  • Distribution support
  • Quarterly vision session
  • Narce studios access
  • Youtube management


£ 1600
  • 500 tokens
  • 12 months
  • Distribution support
  • Monthly vision session
  • Narce studios access
  • Youtube management
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