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We understand the power of video and that’s why we pride ourselves on creating compelling, interesting, and emotionally engaging storytelling that can make your business come to life online.

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Here you will find a breakdown of your project with the aims and objectives clearly laid out.


This timeline will guide the project from start to finish with all the key milestones and actions. This will ensure everything is kept to schedule and make the process as smooth as possible.


Here you will find the costing of your project. You will find the breakdown of the costings for each activity within the production process.

Who are we?

Every great video starts with an idea. 

TV is dying. A new unstoppable wave is upon us. The overwhelming rise of digital media is here to stay, and with it comes generations who spend significantly more time online. The digital revolution has undeniably changed the way we consume video forever. This radical shift presents an immense opportunity to reach more people than ever before. Narce Media are a team who have been engrossed throughout the birth of the digital revolution. We deeply understand the value new media channels can bring and the ins and outs of producing successful video. We are tired of the prehistoric way current B2B video is being produced and we’re here to change that.

We understand the power of video and that’s why we pride ourselves on creating compelling, interesting, and emotionally engaging storytelling that can make your business come to life online.

Your videos.

  • 16x LinkedIn videos
  • 4x Podcasts
  • 32x Podcast Snippets
  • 2x Case Study videos
  • 1x Preloaded Webinar
  • 1x Hero Video


  • 4x LinkedIn thought leadership – (1 min) – This content type will be delivered as a quarterly series – the videos will be 1 minute in length and their core objective will be to position Robin as a thought leader in the business coaching space. The videos will comprise of useful tips, tricks, advice, do’s and don’ts –  they will be supported by graphics to make the video messages easy to follow and make them engaging to watch. Each post on social media could be linked to a supporting piece of content e.g. online webinar.

retro camera
  • 1x Podcast – (15 – 30 mins) – Robin will host a quarterly podcast with an industry leader, the podcasts will have a different theme each quarter relevant to Robin Lines Associates prospects e.g. business development, best practices in an evolving world, negotiation for professional services. Each podcast will be filmed with three camera angles and can be hosted in the Narce Media Studio. The full length version will have a CTA to subscribe to the podcast, LinkedIn videos and webinar.
  • 8x Podcast Snippets – (15-45 seconds) – From the above podcasts, we will export 8 snippets from within the discussions. This will ensure that Robin Lines Associates has a consistent stream of video content throughout your media channels. The snippets will be pertinent points or thought provoking sound bites, they will be used to drive traffic towards the full length podcast.


  • 2x Case Study video – (1-2 mins) – These case study videos will be produced twice a year and will seek to demonstrate Robin Lines Associates great services and their impact directly to an organisation. There is nothing more powerful than customer advocacy and these videos will be entirely focused on exactly that. The videos will take an interview with a core contact within the participating businesses, e.g. their Sales Director. They will be asked to speak on the work that they have done with Robin Lines Associates, the experience of using them and the tangible impact. This will be in an interview style set up and sit as the core narrative within the case study video. Supplementary b-roll will be taken of Robin in action delivering his services, these will include shots of Robin leading sessions, speaking directly with people, people working on tasks, shots of theory being taught. Also, ‘mini interviews’ will be included in the video and taken from the participants of Robin’s coaching. They will be asked to give feedback on the experience of Robin’s training. All the above components shall be sewn together into a meaningful, compelling and emotive story to drive prospects to engage with Robin Lines Associates.
  • 2x Testimonials – (30 secs – 1 min) – From the above hero case study videos the 2x interviews will be used as stand alone video testimonials, these will be 30 secs – 1 min in length and act as supplementary material to maximise the value and use of the case study videos.
man filming on film shoot

One off.

  • 1x Preloaded Webinar – (15 – 30 minute) webinar will be recorded with a 1/3 of the screen being Robin on camera and 2/3 of the screen the content being discussed. The content will give some value on a topic relatable to many sales people (perhaps a thought-provoking module from your service offering?)

    and serve as a means of acquiring contact details of leads after being nurtured in the quarterly and biannual content.

  • Hero video – 1 min video summarising offering – Using a collection of all of the above content we will create a new 1 minute hero video for Robin Lines Associates. This will show the different services available, how impactful they are and position Robin Lines Associates as a forward-thinking coaching brand.

How will we do it?


  • Narce Media Studio will be used to create a multitude of the video content including: Thought Leadership Videos and Podcasts
  • 3rd party location TBC will be used to filming the case study videos and testimonials, these will also feature in the Hero Video
  • Different equipment used to create the content throughout the subscription will include – Canon cinema suit cameras, lighting rigs, shotgun and lavalier microphones, gimbles, easy rigs, motorised parallaxing slider and much more
  • Inclusive audio mastering of videos will feature throughout
  • Consultancy and support will be given on how best to distribute the content. We will work closely with Robin Lines Associates to gather the analytics on the different videos success in order to demonstrate value and refine how the content is produced and distributed.





Service Agreement/Sign off

From the review we will see what needs to change and what doesn’t. From there the this project will bed signed off 


Proposal review

This is an opportunity for you to look through the proposal and offer any feedback.

19/04/19 - 19/04/19

Subscription period

Included in the previous email is an excel sheet.  We have outlined a content calendar timeline for Robin Lines over the course of the year.


Please see the breakdown of the cost.


       Efficiencies must by found throughout delivering the videos

       5x referrals

       1x day workshop on sales process

       1x client testimonial for us

       1x Case Study Video


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