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Who are we?

We understand the power of video and that’s why we pride ourselves on creating compelling, interesting, and emotionally engaging storytelling that can make your business come to life online.

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Your project, the most exciting part. Here you will find a breakdown of your project with the aims and objectives clearly laid out alongside how we’ll go about bringing the project to life, alongside additional tips for success.


This timeline will guide the project from start to finish with all the key milestones and actions. This will ensure everything is kept to schedule and make the process as smooth as possible.

Your Investment

Here you will find the total investment required for the production. You will find a full comprehensive breakdown of the costings for each activity within the production process from start to finish.

This is who we are. 


TV is dying. A new unstoppable wave is upon us. The overwhelming rise of digital media is here to stay, and with it comes generations who spend significantly more time online. The digital revolution has undeniably changed the way we consume video forever. This radical shift presents an immense opportunity to reach more people than ever before. Narce Media are a team who have been engrossed throughout the birth of the digital revolution. We deeply understand the value new media channels can bring and the ins and outs of producing successful video. 

We understand the power of video and that’s why we pride ourselves on creating compelling, interesting, and emotionally engaging storytelling that can make your business come to life online.

We’re all about seeing real results.

A key mantra of ours is “What’s the point of having a great video if nobody sees it?”. We take this very seriously. Our team provides all the support you need to maximise your reach and ensure your videos give serious return on your investment.


Your Project.

Aston University Smarterials program “Promoting Functional Materials in SMEs”, is here to help small to medium sized companies develop and grow their business through a partnership built on research, testing and expertise in material science.

The program gives SMEs access to some of the leading academic minds in materials and other disciplines (see below) plus the use of state of the art labs for testing , all of which are vital to develop new and improve existing products.

The Industry Clubs allow organisations to build long-term strategic partnerships with Aston University and their students.

Mechanical Engineering and Design group

The Mechanical Engineering and Design group at Aston is at the forefront of engineering education employing the modern CDIO (Conceive-Design-Implement-Operate) teaching philosophy.

The Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry Department

Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry (CEAC) at Aston has an outstanding reputation, both for high-quality teaching and for research. Our Chemistry courses were ranked 2nd out of 59 institutions for Student Satisfaction (Complete University Guide 2020), and our Chemical Engineering courses were ranked 12th in the UK (Guardian league Table 2020). Both the Institution of Chemical Engineers and the Royal Society of Chemistry have given our programmes full accreditation


Aims and objectives:

To film and create compelling video content around the “The Industry Clubs”

To create content which builds brand awareness around The Industry Clubs, increasing social impact and the amount of companies signing on as partners for job placement and research studies. 

The video series will include pricing options on: 

x2  Promo Videos

x3 Case Study Videos

x9 Innovation Ads



    Who’s viewing?

    Persona 1

    SMEs & Multinational Companies
    Desired Impact

    • Spread the word of The Industry Clubs through social media, word of mouth etc.
    • Understand the specific value of working alongside The Industry Clubs:
    • Opportunity to enrich and influence Aston’s curriculum, based on your requirements
    • Direct communication with students and academics
    • Exclusive attendance at events where top students and researchers present their work
    • Support with placement student and graduate recruitment
    • Proactive academic support to formulate proposals for student and research projects

    Persona 2

    University Staff
    Desired Impact

    • Understand the specific value of The Industry Clubs
    • Feel inspired to refer students and businesses to The Industry Clubs
    • Opportunities to collaborate on research
    • Opportunities to support student placements

    Persona 3

    University Students
    Desired Impact

    • Understand the specific value of participating in The Industry Clubs
    • Spread the word of The Industry Clubs through social media, word of mouth etc.
    • Feel inspired to refer businesses to The Industry Clubs
    • Feel inspired to encourage other students to participate on Industry Club projects


    What’s the big idea?

    Videos proposed:

    x2  First Party Filming Promo 

    x3 Case Study Videos

    x9 Innovation Ads



    Idea Brainstorm

    X2 Promo Videos

    Cinematic Feel and tone

    Tone of voiceover “Imagine unlocking the potential of tomorrow, today.”

    Cutting Edge, Inspirational, calling to action

    Ignite change

    • Promotional Video showcasing first-party filming of students engaging in Industry Club assignments across the disciplines of Mechanical Engineering and Chemical Engineering (Additional days of filming allow for a more diverse array of B-roll captured due to student’s projects scheduled on separate days)
    • Targeted to businesses looking to sign up for membership in the Industry Clubs and increase placement and post-grad job opportunities for students
    • Optional Voiceover, alternatively text captions can be used so future edits will be simpler if any information becomes outdated
    • A Script for text will be created by Narce Media and agreed upon by The Industry Clubs
    • The optional addition of an interview with a staff member, business and/or student and their experience working with The Industry Clubs to be included in use alongside the B-roll

    Suggested Themes to Capture-

    • “Collaborative”
    • “Innovative”
    • “Looking toward the future”
    • “Developing youth talent”
    • “Creating the next generation of business”
    • “Creative Engineering

    Option 1: Tone of Script: Lenovo


    Option 2: Tone of Script: Tesla


    First Party Filming + Graphics Example:

    Tesla: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1CVKKd5p-c

    FitBit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PxpxRoWmjq8

    1.5 days filming per promo – 0.5 days allocated to film each video, x1 student, x1 industry, x1 academic per project (this footage can be utilised for further case studies as well)


    Optional Other Videos:

    2-3 minute Case Study videos:

    (Further 0.5 days filming needed for each individual filmed for further case studies)

    First Party Filming and Graphics

    Example: https://www.avfc.co.uk/news/2020/december/Club-announce-launch-of-Villa-Vision/


    Smart Materials Innovation Campaign: Brand New type of video

    1 minute Videos featuring the innovations of Smart Materials that can help keep a company’s R&D ahead of the curve.

    A combination of First Party filming and graphics

    One Video on Each of the Following:

    • Design
    • 3D Printing
    • Mathematical modelling
    • Fluid dynamics
    • Green Energy
    • Sustainable materials
    • Automotive engineering
    • Electronics
    • Bio engineering
    • Aim to feature the journey a student takes at university by joining The Industry Clubs and conducting research, learning, and successfully gaining graduate level employment at the end
    • Following a project start to finish (i.e. the drawing of a car, followed by 3-D printing of the car, finishing with a shot of the students building and driving the go-cart on Aston’s campus)
    • Sexy, exciting shots of lab work (i.e. a student looking into a microscope, going into a shot of the cells, the cells transitioning into a project the students are working on in lab coats during an assumed placement or job experience provided by the business)
    • Cogs turning in a machine, a student working on machinery moving the cogs/wrench/machine in university, transitioning to collaborative research between the Students and businesses, transitioning to the student in a placement in that business and moving the same cogs/machine in uniform
    • Showcase the quality of students by getting them to speak on camera, talking about how The Industry clubs have been able to aid in developing their skills, following projects from start to finish and bringing credibility to the calibre of students that businesses gain access to
    • “Enter a network of companies” (Company logos appear on the screen in succession)
    • “How it works” (Followed by a visual, text-based process overview

      Visual design.


      Up to 3 piece camera set up shall be used. Dependant on filming requirements we would use Canon Cinema camera’s (C200 / C100) or Sony (A7S range) for more cinematic styling. 


      Where appropriate we would integrate animation, graphics and ‘B-Roll’, supplementary footage to add to the story

      Audio design.

      Sound FX

      Sound FX shall be used where appropriate to draw the viewer deeper into the experience, Some FX could include: interactive sound design, risers, bass drops, appropriate ambient sound 

      Music Track

      Impactful music track which compliments the style of video will be chosen. Changing music tracks to compliment the mood if required – e.g. a more sombre sound track during a challenge being depicted and a more uplifting track during an achievement. 

      Social optimisation.

      Subtitles will be added to all versions to ensure maximum engagement for those viewers who are watching without sound.

      We will ensure the video deliverables are given in multiple dimensions and are fit for purpose when distributing on each social media platform, for example: 9:16 ratio for Instagram TV/Stories & 4:5 version for Instagram posts and Facebook posts, 16:9 for LinkedIn. (see diagram)


      Stage 1 - Proposal


      Stage 2 - Proposal Review



      Stage 3 - Sign Off

      18/03/2021 – 19/03/2021

      Stage 4 - Filming Subjects

      22/03/2021 – 22/04/2021

      Stage 5 - Post Production

      22/03/2021 – 03/05/2021

      Stage 6 - Feedback Loops

      03/05/2021 – 17/05/2021 


      Stage 7 - Project Complete


      Stage 8 - Celebration


      Your Investment.


      Where necessary, the Buyer shall pay for the Service Providers out of pocket expenses including; fuel @£0.45 per mile, congestion, parking fees, and subsistence (catering and accommodation)


      What our partners say.

      They feel like they’re part of our team, they understand us, they understand what we’re looking for and the product they have provided us has really shone through as a result of that.

      Jon Clarke

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      The guys at Narce took time to understand my business and to get to know me. I use Narce for my social media campaigns, they bring a lot of ideas and are really fun to work with.

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