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About the series

We here at Narce Media have decided to embark on a mind bending journey  partnering with happiness guru Danny Bent. Bent has teamed up with Narce media to create  a four part documentary series exploring the capacity of the human mind and body. 

Leading scientists and phycologists will be analysing and testing Bent’s blood, brain and mind state throughout each episode of this epic endeavour to discover the physical and psychological benefits and ramifications of each extreme task.



Ice water swimming has historically been used to boost immune system responses, improve circulation, slow the aging process, increase libido and much more. But it is also responsible for multiple deaths each year, and a dangerous feat both physically and mentally. But how much of the danger is physical, and how much is in our minds? Where do the limits lay, and how far can we push them? Follow Danny and our team of scientists while they find their answers through a 1 mile ice swim.



Fasting is a part of many cultures and religions; It is practiced all around the world in every country every day, by choice or by circumstance. But how long can a healthy, average person fast? What happens to the mind and body during fasting? Follow Danny and our team of scientists as he embarks on a week long fast with only water to keep him sustained, to see what the effects of starvation and fasting have on the human body.



Mindfulness is a practice rooted in eastern philosophy and Buddhist tradition that has recently gained popularity in the west; mindfulness is known as a process of gaining control over your mind and body through a process of looking inward. Traditionally, the practice of mindfulness and the journey to enlightenment takes years of consistent daily practice, control, and patience. But what if we tried to compress years of meditation into one single week? Follow Danny and our team of scientists while we test Danny’s mental limits as he meditates for a week straight



Hallucinogens have been around for thousands of years and are a titular part to many of the worlds oldest cultures. Now they’re all the rage. After reaching their peak in the 1960’s free love movement, they have come back for round 2. With the advances of modern day science we are beginning to understand these chemicals and their potential for greatness, or destruction. Watch as Danny and our team of scientists embark on a psilocybin experience and see first hand the effects these drugs have on the human mind and body.

About the man.

''Life is the real adventure''

Danny Bent was voted one of the 100 happiest people in the UK, and one of the 50 most inspirational people in London. He is an award-winning author and journalist, Guinness World Record holder, and celebrated adventurer and community leader.

Danny helps people who feel chained by life to break free, come together and realise they are capable of the incredible. Creating happier lives, more powerful leaders and encouraging the artists of life to create.

Danny is a regular guy with a highly irregular passion for life and humanity. His energy and stories light up a room. His unbridled energy has led to him representing Great Britain at Triathlon, raising over $1,000,000 for charity, cycling from London to India, being a finalist on BBC’s Ultimate Hell Week, writing a best-selling book and creating radically inclusive communities wherever he goes. His adventures will shock you to the core, but his softness and relate-ability will envelop you and inspire you to do more, give more and live more.

Danny’s talks have been celebrated the world over from Nike to Google and from HSBC to Twitter.


Sponsorship Packages

We would love to partner with your University in order to have access to facilities and experts in the fields of psychology, medicine, and biology. We want to partner with the best scientists to join us on our journey and donate their lifelong expertise to see what we can learn together from each episode.

Specifically, we are looking for the donation of time, research, use of facilities for filming, or use of facilities for medical testing such as brain scans, blood tests, heart rate monitors, or any other relevant tests to monitoring biological changes in Danny’s body before, after, or while performing each of the 4 tasks.

Be apart of something more.