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How does it work?

Briefs made easy.

When deciding on a brief, it can be difficult to know where to even start and you begin to ask the questions, is this brief too detailed? Or is this brief well… brief? Simply input your response to each question below and it will all be taken care of. And because we love making videos, we’ve made one to help show you how to use it.

    2. Enter the volume of this type of video

    3. What length are the video/s?

    4. What components are desired within the video?
    Voice OverScript WritingTime-lapseMotion GraphicsStock MusicAnimationAerial FootagePower WordsSubtitlesSuper Slow Motion

    5. Where will the filming take place? If you haven't chose the Narce Media Studios, please give a brief description of the location in the text box below
    Narce Media StudiosMy Business LocationThird Party Location e.g. Hired VenueOutdoorsOther

    6. Where will your video/s be distributed?
    FacebookLinkedInInstagramTwitterYoutubeCompany WebsiteBusiness EventsInternal UseWebinar PlatformsTVOther

    7. What level of involvement do you want in project?

    8. When do you required the completed video/s?

    9. How will the success of the video be measured?

    10. Do you have any examples of videos similar to what you're looking to produce?

    11. Who is your target market?

    12. What is your brands messaging?

    I consent for Narce Media to store the above information